Lake Sunapee Ice Out – 2018

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Lake Sunapee Still Iced In

Lake Sunapee 


When will the ice leave Lake Sunapee?  This has been an extraordinary winter with warm days and hints of spring followed by seemingly relentless late season snow storms. Here is a chart of historic ice-out dates on Lake Sunapee…In 2016 -incredibly the ice went out on March 18th. Throwing it all the way back to 1888 – the ice out date was declared on May 14th. Ice out is officially declared when a boat can navigate from Georges Mills to Newbury Harbor.

Lake Sunapee Ice Out Dates

Lake Sunapee Ice Out Dates – Click the chart to enlarge


Ice-out is always an exciting time of year.. it’s the first step in a spring awakening… duckling, geese and loon sightings soon follow… the days grow longer and warmer and the entire summer lies before us…  Place your bets – when do you think the ice will go out?



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